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What's my next step after getting my motorcycle license or returning to riding?

You just completed the Basic Rider Course and now you have your “M” classification on your driver’s license. Or you've been away from riding for a good while.

Now what? That’s a pretty big question, isn’t it? Possibly you should ask yourself a few more questions. Such as:

  • How do I feel about riding on the street? Neighborhood streets? Busy streets? Main arteries used during rush hour?
  • Am I confident approaching and dealing with intersections?
  • How confident am I dealing with a yield without stopping?
  • Do I feel comfortable turning from a stop? Left? Right?
  • Can I start smoothly on a hill? Uphill? Downhill?
  • How well will I do when I need to merge into traffic? What do I need to think about as I merge?
  • Do I feel comfortable passing another vehicle? Being passed?
  • How to I pick the right time to turn onto a busy road?
  • Do I know how to get into and out of a gas station on my motorcycle without powerwalking? Even powerwalking?
  • Am I confident I can park my motorcycle on the street? In a parking lot?
  • Can I confidently deal with traffic merging into my lane?

If your answer to any of those questions was negative or if you’re unsure about more than a few of them, then you need to get out on the road and gain experience dealing with those issues/situations.

Your motorcycle is wasting away in the garage or storage unit. The skills you’ve developed so far are wasting away until you begin to ride on the road.
Sure you can keep your skills current by going back to MRC for the Individual Novice Course Level 2 (INC-2) or the group course Seat Time. But sooner or later (and hopefully sooner) you’re going to ride on the road.

Do you want to do that on your own or possiblly with a friend? Or, do you want to do that under the supervision of a trained professional?

We hope you choose the trained professional. Read on to find out what and how we can help you On the Road.